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You RW and the seven song lyrics that I, Ninfa Artemis, wrote for you... which never reached you...although I fought my hardest to get them to you.


“CAVE” is the title of one of these seven song lyrics. I present it to you.

These lyrics inspired the song "Cave" on my album "Sisyphean".

You are listening to the instrumental of that song.

The album "Sisyphean" has a total of five songs inspired by those seven lyrics.

I didn’t want to forget them... They never found you. You are inacessible.

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The song lyrics of “Hallucinogenic Gene”, inspired the song “Hell” which is the instrumental you are listening to. This is one of the 7 song lyrics all written in August of 2007.

I tried to reach you RW. Here are my attempts: in November of 2007 I tried through your official website, but I don’t think that you manage it; in May of 2008 I sent an email to one of your lawyers whose email address was listed on the website of the firm he worked for, I requested that he forward the email I had sent which contained the 7 song lyrics, did he forward these to you?; in May of 2009 I sent the same lyrics to a British journalist friend of yours, did he forward these to you? - you both attended a conference about aliens in the US.

Do you know why you will never find alien life forms?

Because they do not want to be found! Think about this a little bit...Why do you think that angels walk beside us completely invisible to our eyes?

The human race would probably pluck their feathers as keepsakes!

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"Nihilism" song lyrics by Ninfa Artemis. These lyrics also inspired the songs “Hell” and “Times”.

Is music my passion?

Music makes me feel good! It has made me feel good since I can remember…You are listening to the instrumental of the song “Hell” from the Sisyphean album.

Music…music… So much money that I owe to the recording studio! Is music my passion? Music makes me feel I just said.

Am I looking for a record label?

I travelled far to find freedom! I am a label!

Why did I ponder writing 7 song lyrics for RW?

In early August 2007, I was in the process of recording the final songs of my album “Extreme” at the recording studio. At home, the equipment I used to record my rehearsals broke down. From one moment to the next, it just stopped recording!

My equipment was very basic. It was a typical stereo with a CD player, a double cassette deck with a microphone entrance to record vocals.

I was getting fed up with waiting for my home stereo to be repaired. After 15 tedious days of waiting, I had a strong intuition, or better yet, a crazy idea that came out of nowhere: “Why not write some song lyrics in English for RW?!"

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"Feign Rape" by Ninfa Artemis. The song “Times” from the Sisyphean album was inspired by the lyrics of "Feign Rape".

My tendency as a singer is more towards rock, trusting the words of the studio musician…You are now listening to the instrumental of the song “Times”, which is of a blues genre. I don’t know why I didn’t sing all my songs in the rock genre. I also love other genres of music, but my way of being in the world is more…rock! What does this mean? Energy!

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This video contains the lyrics to "Warm Underwater Lakes" by Ninfa Artemis. You are listening to the instrumental of the song Moonlight from the Sisyphean album. As you may already know by now, the song was inspired by one of the seven lyrics which I sent to the British singer RW that never reached him.

It seems that first I need to be famous…

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Lyrics to “Love Poem” by Ninfa Artemis.

The song “Moonlight” was inspired by this, the sixth of the seven lyrics. You are listening to its instrumental.

Will I be truly happy one day? I asked a work colleague.

I didn’t ask him at our place of work. I asked him in a private office in another city where in his free time he gives tarot readings to foretell the future!

The autobiographic video "About me", which is divided into ten parts (videos), describes my first contact with fortune tellers.

It was at the end of 1998 in S. Paulo (Brazil). The fortune teller told me, “You are going to be very famous one day”. (I thought, “Me, famous? I don’t see how! All I’ve got is my crummy job!”


My decision to engage in the composition of the melody of my songs was also an outcome of a meeting with another fortune teller.


Will I be truly happy one day? My tarot friend said, “Happiness is inside your mind!” That’s the reason why in the song “Destiny Versus Holidays" I sing: “Does happiness live only in my mind? Destiny, fool my head with happiness!”

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"Sisyphean World" – lyrics by Ninfa Artemis. This is the last of the seven lyrics for the British singer RW and it inspired the song “Sisyphean” in my album with the same title.

In early December 2009, I was lying in bed...thinking: Where did that stupid idea come from? Seven song lyrics to RW?!... Days spent writing those songs, for what?! Why couldn’t I see that I was not going to reach him?!        

My thoughts reacted to that thought and told me: “Do something to these 7 lyrics!” I really like the lyrics to “Sisyphean World”.

Making songs is not a free process. As I have already mentioned: the process needs time to be executed and rehearsals on my part, besides that I didn’t know if the musician from the studio would be willing to accept making one more song: “Sisyphean” – would be its name. My debt to the music studio was already very high! But, my thoughts would not cease! “Make the songs!!”

My producer said yes...with little enthusiasm...

“You want to record one more song? One, right? That’s the number?” asked the studio musician in January of 2010 not very convinced that this was the final number.

“Yes!” I said. “Could you please just accept two new songs? Please...” I asked him two weeks later. (I was referring to the tracks “Times” and “Hell”).

“I knew it!! Another one?! More songs?! So, you’re saying two more songs?! You’re sure it’s only two more?!” he repeats, making sure to remind me of the innumerous hours already invested in the studio.

Twenty days after this conversation, we had another...

“Two more songs...Moonlight and Sky…please. Can you do it? The album is going to be called Sisyphean! It will have a total of five songs! I swear that this is the final number! Please...” I asked him earnestly. He almost screamed, “Insanity!!!”

“You don’t want to leave the studio, do you?!” asked the musician.

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